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Sunset Picnic Couples Adventure Session | Tauranga, NZ | Renee + Tim

// Renee + Tim //

It's no secret that I'm all about celebrating LOVE in its many forms! It's 100% why I adore working with couples at every stage of life and love!!! It's helping others hold onto the moments that matter most that brings me so much joy. I wholeheartedly believe in sharing the love too - each year for Valentine's Day I host a couples session giveaway on social media! I ask couples to share "what do you love most about your partner" or "what do want to remember about this season of your lives" to enter the draw. One lucky couple comes away with a custom photography experience to celebrate their story and a beautiful set of images to treasure for a years to come. Renee and Tim were the lucky winners this year and I am so glad our paths crossed! They are some of the kindest and most humble souls!

Renee entered the giveaway by sharing what she loves most about Tim.... "I love the way Tim cares deeply about protecting my heart and the generous heart he has for giving to others!" Is that not the sweetest?!?

So let's get to their love story......

Renee and Tim met at church. They had both been going to the same place for a while, but usually attending different service times. On this particular Sunday, they just so happened to be in the same service and met while helping to pack down after the service, chatting a little and learning about each other. Renee shared how she had been involved in the house of prayer here in Tauranga and Tim said that he would be interested in going along sometime. Renee invited Tim the next time she went and, not knowing that there was a divine plan to set them up, they continued to go along together. They kept bumping into one another at various other events and talking after sessions at the prayer room. As they got to know one another better, they discovered quite a few similarities in their personalities and tastes....like a mutual love for corned beef!


Tim flew over to the U.K. for a friend's wedding and made a solid effort to keep in touch with Renee- each taking turns asking all the questions about likes and dislikes, what they believed about this and that, about each others families, all the places they had traveled, and destinations they would like to travel to. Renee said that was when she realised that Tim was genuinely interested in getting to know her. Once Tim came back from the UK, he asked Renee out for coffee and they talked about cars, food and mission trips. They spent more and more time developing a friendship it began to dawn on Renee that she really liked this guy and wanted more than just a friendship. Tim was also keen, but determined to wait for confirmation through prayer to move forward if it was meant for them.

On the 19th of October Tim officially asked Renee out and it has been eleven months of bliss, learning to love, serve, and to care for one another. Renee told me something that they are reminded about often is that God is so kind to bring them together at this time, both of them being in Tauranga with mutual friends for more than 7 years, and having only just met. Divine timing knew when they would be ready to cross paths and made the time of building their relationship seem like they had known each other for much longer than a year.

When planning the photography session- our goal was to incorporate Renee and Tim's love of spontaneous adventures, picnic dates, and the outdoors, while celebrating the journey that led them to each other. Together we explored the walking paths at Gordon Carmichael Reserve in Bethlehem, waiting out afternoon rain showers in the pine alley and then celebrating the reappearance of the sun with some frolicking through the woods and a piggy back ride that had us all laughing! We wandered over to the duck pond for for a picnic by the water while watching the setting sun with full and happy hearts. It was such a beautiful evening made even better by celebrating the love that Renee and Tim share!

Just a few short weeks after their couples adventure session, Tim proposed!!! He invited Renee over for dinner and surprised her with a spontaneous picnic set up in the back garden! Throughout the evening he kept surprising her with little things she loves like her favourite sparkling and a bowl filled with only blue m&m's......until finally surprising her with a ring and asking her to marry him! Oh my goodness - how sweetly romantic is that proposal?!?

Renee and Tim are getting married at the end of this month and I cannot wait to see them become husband and wife and transition into life as newlyweds!

They were the lucky winners this year.....in more ways than one!

Thank you both for having me along to document this chapter of your story!! xx

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